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Utilization Reviews:

We conduct a comprehensive chart review to determine the appropriate level of care. We use the same guidelines and clinical criteria as your patient's insurance provider to ensure accuracy. Our recommendations include clinical reasoning and criteria supporting our decision to help educate your utilization staff and physicians.

Peer to Peer Services:

All denials are reviewed against standard guidelines to determine the appropriate level of care. Cases meeting inpatient level of care guidelines are taken up for peer to peer reviews with the insurance medical directors. Our success rate for peer to peer reviews is over 80% helping recover a substantial amount of reimbursement for you.

Utilization Directorships:

We provide full-time and part-time medical directorship positions to help your utilization management department with their day-to-day needs. Our medical directors are experienced at utilization management. Your institution will be assigned one medical director to help foster a collegial relationship with your staff. A backup medical director will be available when the primary medical director assigned to your hospital is unavailable providing you with a unique 24/7 access even for part-time positions. Schedule a virtual meeting with us to know more about this highly beneficial program.

Readmission & Length of Stay Reviews:

are available. Talk to us for details.

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How We Help

Enhance Your Service

We'll work with you to decrease your observation rates and length of stay.

Expert Reviews

Expert level of care reviews and peer to peer discussions to decrease denials.

Improve Efficiency

Streamline workflows and educate your staff to help improve documentation.

Maintain Compliance

Ensure CMS compliance so you are always prepared for RAC audits.

Tailored To You

Full-time and part-time utilization management directorships to support your utilization department.

Increase Profit Margin

Increase revenue and reduce costs through our affordable services.